Monday, May 21, 2018

Reflection 1 - The importance of teacher consciousness in the learning process of the students

With what I learned in the first two classes, mostly about what is learning, neuron connections, neurogenesis and sensory memory, among others, the following is my reflection. It’s very important for the teacher to be conscious about the effect of his/her teaching on the students’ brains, knowing for example that how you teach not only involves your subject and giving the students information, but it also involves the environment in which you teach, your disposition as a teacher and your consciousness about what you want the students to learn that will endure time and space. If you as a teacher are conscious of the connections you are creating in your students, and of the need to strengthen them through repetition using different strategies, and that this process will lead to strong connections that will become networks that won’t be discarded by the brain and therefore will be stored for future recalling; you will be able to teach them meaningful lessons that they will be able to recall and transfer to other contexts and therefore use it for their own life process. In my case, I will use strategies that will have different sensory experiences that will fulfill the conditions of being meaningful for them and having an emotional hook, and teach them in a way that they will be able to connect what they are learning with past experiences. An example of this is the use of different strategies that will take into account the students’ diversity of brains and therefore strengths, for example using the role play strategy in my social studies class will help them understand many things about different historical figures while they learn about perspective, while the storytelling strategy will help them connect to a historical period and will teach them about empathy.

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