Monday, May 21, 2018

Self Evaluation

I learned a lot of tools in my class, many resources that I will use in my other classes. Also, I learned many things carrying out the final project and in general all the projects in the class.

I also learned a lot by applying the three pillars of the class: participation, collaboration, and interaction; which I understood through a process in which theory and practice made part of it. In the final project I was able to include them in my work successfully. It was a great experience, that took a lot of time at first but it was easier with practice.

My creativity was boosted with this class, to make good qualitative and quantitative projects, this can be seen in my final project, that used many tools of the class mixed with my own ideas. Also, innovation was important in the class and project, which is an added value that helps us make the most of technology, this improves our teaching abilities and in turn the quality of education, which I felt in this class.

In conclusion, it was a great experience where I learned about tools and about myself, I deepened my teacher abilities and my self discovery process. Also, in sharing (presenting) the projects with the classmates and the teacher I learned many things and valuable different points of view and opinions, which I also learned by watching the projects of my classmates.

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