Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Lesson Plan 2 – History and its Cultural Legacies: Production Systems of the Inca Civilization

GANAG Format Lesson Plan:
Subject Area: Social Studies
Grade: 7th
Goal: Students will know about the cultural legacy of the production systems of the Inca Civilization, during the period of time from the year 1438 A.D. to the year 1533 A.D.; then they will be able to begin comparing it to the production systems in Colombia today.

Access: Students will go to the website Kahoot, enter a game pin given by the teacher and in pairs they will play a game where they will have to answer some multiple choice questions; they will get points for each correct answer, time counts. After time runs out for each question, the game will show the right answer and how many players chose each option; a pair of students who answered right will explain their answer to the rest of the class. The questions (three) will be about economic concepts that we have seen in previous classes.

New Information: The teacher will present a video with the main characteristics of the production systems of the Inca civilization; subsequently, the students will ask questions and reflect on the topic with the guidance of the teacher.

Apply: Students will create in pairs a short story in which they will show how Colombia would be if the production systems of the Inca civilization were applied in the country today. The story can be written (prose or verse), can be a comic, can be drawn, can be a play, or done in another creative way approved by the teacher. The story will be presented by the students in the next class with an explanation of its meaning. The story has to include a positive aspect of applying today these production systems, a negative aspect, and a final opinion of whether it would be better or worse in general terms and why.

Generalization: Students will individually write two keywords that define the production systems of the Inca civilization and will give a definition of each one in their own words. These definitions will be shared in class through the website padlet.com.

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