Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Reflection 12 – Values and principles class: Reinforcing good behavior

In this reflection I will talk about a strategy we are using with my mother to help my niece and nephew; this taking into account what we saw in class about behavior management techniques, positive discipline, assertive discipline, circles, and restorative practices. What I have learned in the specialization; strategies, systems, approaches, among many others, have given me tools that can be used in different circumstances and opportunities. My role as uncle has some responsibilities that I have assumed and the use of these tools will help me become more effective in giving them the skills I believe they need to have a successful life.
My mother and I, that have worked with them always the values and principles, observed something about two of my nephews (a boy that is 4 years old and a girl that is 5 years old). What we observed is that we needed to reinforce some positive behaviors, with the girl especially regarding honesty and with the boy empathy. That’s why my mother had the idea to, once a week, give them a short class on principles and values, so they can continue forming their own moral code. This is an idea we are beginning to implement, and I thought it would be great to use what I’ve learn about teaching so that this experience becomes more meaningful for them.
The first thing I thought about was the importance of their involvement in the process, so they can see they have power to decide about their own learning, also their ideas will help us guide them. This will be carried out by giving them choices about the activities we’re going to use, their ideas are very important and will be taken into account. Another part of their involvement would be in the building of the rules and consequences, where they will be able to give their opinion. A great way to do this is through the use of the circles, where we discuss and arrive to the list of rules (5 to 7) and consequences, which we will post on the wall.
Then I thought about how to reinforce those positive behaviors, and teach them principles and values; with my mother we decided we will use different strategies for this. It will be through the use of the four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Some examples of these strategies are the role plays, hands-on activities, reading, teaching through the proper use of technology, among others. We must also understand that we have to work first on those skills (which we have been doing since long ago); which means we are working on being good role models, being consistent, being calm and brief, prioritize, having reasonable expectations and sharing them with the kids, praising, and reminding them we love them.
This experience will be very relevant for the kids and for us, and will help me a lot with my teaching experience. All this will help me in my personal growth, I know I will continue improving and finding more tools that will help me be more efficient in teaching my nieces and nephews, and my students, the skills they will need in their lives.  

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