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I believe teachers should have a method that can guide them when preparing lessons. This method will help us (teachers) include in the lessons all what we believe is necessary for students to know and to work on. Preparing a lesson is working on a process within a process. Each lesson is itself a small process in which understanding, meaning, a comprehensible input, goals, among others are very important for success, both of teachers and students.

Below are some of the lessons I have worked on.

1. Democracy, Rights, and Identity - Decision Making - Different Perspectives


Presentation on the lesson plan

2. History and its Cultural Legacies: Italian City-States During the Renaissance

Format - GANAG

3.History and its Cultural Legacies: Production Systems of the Inca Civilization

Format - GANAG

4. History and its Cultural Legacies: Democracy for the Greeks

Format - GANAG

5. History and its Cultural Legacies

Format - UbD + GANAG + Rubric

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