Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Philosophy of Education - Lessons


I believe lessons should be a guide for students so they can, as they learn the knowledge and skills related to the curricular contents, develop the following:
  • Metacognition through reflection
  • Self knowledge that leads to the creation of beliefs that will help students in their decision making process
  • Self awareness that leads to understanding and control of students' emotions and feelings, and this in turn will lead to empathy
  • Metamemroy that leads to understanding, control and recalling of their memories by students and leads to introspection
  •  World knowledge that will help them in their critical thinking and high-order skills
  • Experiences management that will help students create an identity and find the meaning of what they are learning
  •  Goal creation abilities that will lead to goals and tasks in which students will learn to measure their progress and manage their effort
  • Strategies creation abilities that will help students with problem solving and which they will be able, with practice, to transfer to other contexts.  
All of the above will help students take control of their own education process, which will reinforce the role of the teacher as a guide.

Below is a mindmap of what I believe should be included in every lesson.

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