Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Reflections on Education


I believe reflection is a great tool in education, not only for students but also for the teacher. For the student it will lead to a self-discovery process and will help them with the understanding of topics. For teachers it will help us enhance our methods and include in our lessons critical thinking, higher-order thinking, problem solving, decision making, among others.

Below are some of my reflections I have made on different education topics.

Guiding our Students so they can Guide Others

Getting to Know your Students by Helping them Discover who they Really are

The why and the how of a Lesson: Building Bridges

Language Objectives in Order to Achieve Understanding: Key Concepts

How to Change L2 bad Practices in your Students: Irregular Verbs

Inclusion Through Differentiation: Sequential Learners, Global Learners, and Exploratory Learners

Deduction plus Discovery, a Formula that can Lead to Metacognition

The importance of Teacher Consciousness in the Learning Process of the Students


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